Sunday, May 29, 2005

a fun-filled day

yesterday, we decided to take micah to holtsville park because just like today it is beautiful outside! holtsville park has a nature walk, a playground, barbeque pits and a petting zoo. micah had a wonderful time.

we left for the park around 2pm and micah had not taken a nap. she often misses naps on weekends because she just flat out refuses to sleep. and, like yesterday, by 6 pm she's become a monster!

we left the park around 5:30 pm. in the car, i was feeling crazy and started snapping photos. this was my 3rd or 4th attempt at the ever-so-exciting-side-view-mirror shot and micah had just about had it with me. screaming, "no, mommy. don take a picture to me!!"

so she did what any rational 3-year-old would do and threw a fit in her car seat.

the fit lasted less than 30 seconds. the moment she had stopped freaking out, i turned around. and what did i see??

damn. forget pregnancy hormones. the rath of the 3-yr-old's mood swings is really something to fear!

Monday, May 09, 2005

mama's day

we had a nice, relaxing mother's day. micah insisted since last wednesday that mother's day was all about her, and in a way, i guess she's right...

milan made me breakfast and we went out to dinner, too. mainly, we just sat around the house. oh, and there were those 3 hours that micah spent screaming as we tried to get her to nap. milan even demonstrated a nap to her, but she spent the whole demonstration climbing all over him.

mm nap 5

eventually, we gave in and let her sit on the couch with us while we watched the incredibles, because inevitably, she can't last.

sleepy 1

Friday, May 06, 2005


this is baby Nicholas!! he was born thursday may 5th at 9:55 am and is 6lbs. 11oz and 20".

he is my brother's first child and i couldn't be more excited if he were my own son!! he and my sister-in-law are the most amazing 2 people - i know they are going to make great parents!!

congratulations dan and liz !!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

last day

this past saturday was micah's last gymnastics class. sorry, baby, but i just can't afford these things anymore, and besides, it's almost summer so you won't even notice!! maybe mommy will be rich come september and you can go back? or maybe she'll be able to afford daycare, at least!

anyway, back on topic, she had a great time as always and i was much more lenient with the rule breaking since it was her last day. i let her jump on the trampoline or go down the slide whenever she wanted just like the other kids whose parents don't look after them do. it was fun for us both!

personally, i'm going to miss going because it was great to spend some quality, activity time with micah and she really LOVED this class! but at least now our saturdays are free!

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