Wednesday, October 27, 2004

expressions of a 2-yr-old

Micah loves to say, "Go away!" She always means it as a joke though and if you're lucky enough to have it said to you then it means you're endeared to her.

Lately, she's begun saying, "Go away, guys!" or she'll peek her head around a corner and say, "I see you, guys!" and then run back.

And one of my favorites (such a great example of current pop culture) is "Oh my God, Mommy!". (Do 2-yr-olds really say these sort of things??!!)

Last week she began this (apparently) incredibly funny joke of saying, "You're the baby! I'm the Mommy!" She just cracks up over that one.

She also thinks it's hysterical to make her voice rough and hoarse. She does a great impression of a motorcycle and also uses it to be coy (punk rock coy, not cutie pie coy). Last night, I overheard her say to the Director of her daycare, "I want a kiiiiiisssss." The whole sentence was in that hoarse voice, but you could barely make out the word kiss, she said it so deeply.

Another one that gets us rolling is when she takes her diaper off (ahh... potty training) and says, "Look at my booty, Mommy!" and smacks her little cheek. HYSTERICAL! Okay, maybe only to us...

Micah also loves to sing the following songs: ABC's, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, The Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Wheels on the Bus. She has gotten in the habit of calling Grammy (she says Gammy) nightly and asking her to sing these songs. I'm sure Gammy must hate it! (wink, wink)

Sunday, October 24, 2004

poco a poco

We had Mommy & Me gymnastics yesterday. Micah loved it. As always.
There are always the parents who don't care what event we're on and let their kids go wherever they want, but when I was teaching this class, that used to annoy me to no end. And besides, I don't want to teach Micah that if she's whiny enough or uncooperative enough - I (and everyone else around us) will just let her do whatever she wants just so we don't have to listen to it.
Well, yesterday, there was a little boy (who often goes on the other events) on the trampoline and Micah had been DESPERATELY wanting to go on it. Mentioning it every 5 seconds. (There was a substitute teacher and she did not grab hold of the class as well as the usual teacher and the kids got bored at each station until I spoke up (all 3 times) asking if maybe it wasn't time to rotate...)
So, we're on beam, there's only 10 minutes left in class, and still no mention of trampoline. Now, Micah is refusing to do anything. Doesn't want to walk on the high beam nor the low beam, nor jump in the hoops nor do a roll, etc... All she wants is the trampoline - so, we sat down next to the beam and watched as child after child went on the trampoline until (FINALLY) the teacher allowed us to rotate there.
I'm proud of her because she waits her turn (though granted I have to entertain her or keep her busy while we wait), always shares (even if I'm the one encouraging her to do so...), always claps for her "friends", says "yeah" to so-and-so whenever they accomplish something and has never once gotten mad when someone jumps on her or knocks her down or lands on her. She actually always thinks that's just the FUNNIEST thing!!

Afterwards, we were in the grocery store and she wanted to share her stickers with a little boy and his baby sister who were in a shopping cart next to us. So, I tore two off and told her to go offer the stickers to them. She walked right up to them but didn't say anything, so I told their mom that she wanted to share her stickers with them. Mom was shocked. So was the girl at the check-out when Micah offered her a sticker... Welcome, Megan, to LI - not at all the most friendliest place to live.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

2 steps forward, 1 step back

This past weekend, we put Micah's crib back in her room. (Good thing it didn't sell at the garage sale!!) She just wouldn't stay put in her "big girl" bed and we'd had enough sleepless nights. She kept demanding to sleep in our "big girl" bed at all hours of the night. (and early morning...)
And, of course, I had just gotten her an entire bedding set (thanks great-grammy!) - but oh well, she'll use it eventually!

She's talking up a storm! It's strange, really. The other day, I got a call at work from daycare that she had a fever, so I went to pick her up.

As I walked in, the teacher said to her, "Micah, Mommy's here."
I'm expecting a tired kid to ask to be held and give me big hugs, instead Micah stands in front of me and says, "Mommy, I no feel good."
"What's wrong, Micah?"
"My tummy hurts."
"Oh, yeah, should we go see Dr. Neiderer?"
"Yeah, I wanna see Docker Knee-er."

Um, excuse me!! You're only 2 and you NEVER want to see the Dr.!! She's the one with the needles, remember??!!

Anyway, turned out to be nothing. She was back at school no problem the next morning. And when I picked her up that day, I got "Mommy, I feel good today." That's great, Micah. :)

Okay - life is pretty uneventful - oh, except some woman I work with almost hit me with her car Monday night as I was leaving work and walking to my car - I actually had to jump out of the way (those cat-like reflexes of mine!) (joking) - and then Tuesday morning, approaches me as I'm making coffee to yell at me for not being careful enough! Whatever!

More soon, I promise - and more pictures, because I'm sure those are more fun! :)
Love to everyone.

Friday, October 08, 2004

moving fun

we are finally moved in! well, almost finally...
just a garage sale tomorrow and all will be done.
have run into a few problems with the house but
nothing too major. we're very excited to be in
such a large place! 2 bedrooms, a detached 1-
car garage and a fenced in yard. huge front porch
too and it's on a nice, quiet, car-free road so we
will definitely utilize the porch! :)

micah is super-excited to be in a "new girl bed" even
though there's "no binky in the new house"! she
likes having her own space and we like having her
toys in there instead of all over the place! already,
she goes to her room on her own to play! what a
relief while trying to prepare dinner! :)

little miss precocious - somehow i snapped a photo within the 2 seconds she was actually sitting down - also antigua 05.04 Posted by Hello

micah and i in antigua 05.04
great photo by milan!
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"Micah, show me your apple."

micah in antigua 01.04 Posted by Hello

a baby story

i started this blog because i'm lazy. now, i can give out one address and everyone who loves micah can track her incredible journey.

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